• Ty Thomas

“What motivates you to put in the effort?”

The simple answer is... ME, I am my competition... which makes no sense unless I explain to you that my competition is NOT the me NOW, but instead the me NEXT and the me THEN. Let me tell you more about this important concept...

The me “NEXT” is the person I want to catch up to, the person I constantly find myself working to become. It is one of my competitors because no matter how hard I try, I cannot best that individual BUT I will become great by trying!

The me “THEN” is the person I was, the person I am trying my best NOT to be anymore. It is one of my competitors because if I stop trying and stop caring, that individual will catch up with me and I will lose!

With this mindset, the only competition you need is your own competition. Preparing to be better tomorrow than you were today and being better today than you were yesterday.

3 WAYS that YOU can ensure you are always becoming better and besting your “THEN” and catching up to your “NEXT”:

1) Learn more every day whether it be through podcasts, books, lectures, mentors, or trainers.

2) Push yourself outside of your comfort zone constantly. Do not get comfortable, period.

3) Get healthy by staying active through walks, sports, classes, yoga, weight lifting, etc. Do something each day that gets your heart rate up and your body moving! And if you need help on how, I have plans that fit into anyone’s life easily and you WILL see progress (link in bio).

Also, I have an AMAZING opportunity for YOU to become 1 of 5 TEST SUBJECTS for my new experimental training plan that ensures you are always learning, getting uncomfortable, and reaching new levels of fitness you haven’t experienced yet! It is 60% OFF and there are only 5 open spots for experienced weight lifters who are ready to take it to the next level. Email me if you are interested, you don’t want to miss out on this (!

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