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The Reality

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Some weeks it is hard to continue the habits that you started. This was my last week.⠀

It turns from a week of optimizing and killing goals to just trying to stay afloat with damage control. ⠀

These weeks are hard and often times discouraging as you lose some progress that you made. ⠀

So what is the solution to avoid weeks like these? 🤔⠀

You can’t... but you can do two things: learn from it and get started again! 👌⠀

You cannot control what life throws at you BUT you can control how you react! Maybe you learn and choose to prepare more meals next time, or manage your time better, or get a meal plan to relieve that burden of being culinarily creative. 🙋‍♂️⠀

🙈 Don’t let life drag you down and cause you to quit. Find a support group, a gym partner, or a coach/trainer who can keep you on your habits and who can help you get back on track when you fall off your plan! 👍⠀

The best thing for a bad week, is to start the next week fresh with better planning, more intention, and a clear/unfrustrated mind! 🙌⠀

Training plans at TRAINWTY.COM ⠀

- get in shape, get past your plateau⠀

- learn about your body, fitness, and nutrition.⠀

- feel better and more energetic⠀

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