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Lose Weight The Right Way | Simplifying the over-complicated

Eat only chicken and rice or else you get fat... eat only fats and proteins to shred pounds... eat just vegetables and fruits, its the only way to be healthy... do sprints to be toned... sweat it out at kickboxing classes to be lean... CBD will help burn fat...

There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to getting healthy and losing a few pounds. And with all these options being "the best option", how are you supposed to know the best way to get that dream body that you have been pursuing?

The real secret isn't really a secret when it comes to weight loss. The truth has just become over-complicated and oversaturated with marketing and fad diets.

Our bodies work in a simple fashion, using the calories we consume in one of two ways. We either use the calories for important body processes (energy for our muscles, energy for our brain, replacing damaged cells, etc.) OR we store the extra calories we eat as fat since they are not needed at the moment.

With this fact, the real answer to losing fat is right in front of you! You need to eat fewer calories than you burn throughout your day! This is very simplified and there are some intricacies that can help you have a better experience dieting and help you maintain more muscle as well as feel better but it is also time we stopped over-complicating this process!

So how can you utilize this knowledge?

Don't do fad diets to lean up and don't believe the marketing of these companies. Instead, learn to keep track of how many calories you are consuming and burning each day. After you understand counting calories, start to decrease your intake until you are losing 1/2-1 lb of body weight a week.

To get the most out of your diet, or to make sure you are making the most progress, utilizing a personal trainer can be a great investment. There are intricacies like protein consumption, stair-stepping calories, and much more that takes time to perfect. I teach many of my clients these great skills and tools so that they can achieve the ideal body they want.

Find my programs above within the programs tab, set up a time to chat and I will be more than happy to go through your specific goals. Let's get you to your health and fitness goals, together!

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