• Ty Thomas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

The Holiday season is not meant for starving yourself to hit a weight goal or packing a Tupperware of chicken breast and rice just for yourself to stay "on track" with your calories.

A diet plan is not meant to torture you or pull you away from those close family moments that occur over a large Christmas dinner. 

So how do you not lose the progress you worked so hard to achieve?

There is a simple trick that works extremely well:

Eat until you are 80% full! Eat until you are satisfied and then put the fork down and stop. This ensures you get to eat all of those foods you love but that you do not eat endless calories in the process. 

Finally, if you do accidentally overeat, do not get frustrated with yourself. Pick yourself up and do 1% better the next day. AND "do better" does not mean destroy yourself in the gym or run miles to "burn off what you ate". Instead, act as if the day never happened and start fresh on a new day with the same goals.

So enjoy the great food and the time with family, just remember that everything in moderation. Merry Christmas!


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