• Ty Thomas

Get A Great Workout From Home! 3 TRICKS & TIPS

Getting a great workout in at home has become more difficult as we continue to be quarantined in our houses all day, every day. This is when you need to use some smart tricks to increase your workout quality!!⠀

These are my TOP 3 TIPS to get a better workout in at home, and you can use them right after you read this!⠀

1) THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP... Find your spot. By this I mean, find a place that you can call " the gym" every single day, and make it easy to work out there. Get rid of clutter, put a yoga mat down, and get to work!⠀

2) Bump some good music! You actually work out harder with high tempo music playing! Good music in your headphones can further separate you from your surroundings, helping you get focused on the task at hand! ⠀

3) CAUTION! Don't get distracted! This is extremely easy now that you and, most likely, a few other people are all under the same roof, binging Netflix, and playing quarantine games. All of these distractions can take away from your workout because instead of thinking about the exercise, you're busy glancing at Tiger King on the TV!

Check out my online training and nutrition plans. Please reach out with any questions that you have!

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